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What is war3ft?
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (war3ft) is an AMX MOD X plugin developed for Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, and Day of Defeat. It features 8 races (with a 9th that allows server operators to choose custom skills) and 2 shopmenus to extend normal play.

How to Play
When you enter a server running war3ft, you will be presented with a race selection screen. Simply choose a race and you can start playing! But you might want to bind some keys to get the full experience.

Binding Keys
To bind a key simply press the ` key on your keyboard to bring up the console and type "bind key command" depending on what key/command you would like. Then you want to bind the following commands:

  • [*]shopmenu [*]shopmenu2 [*]ultimate [*]ability [*]levitation

My favorite keys to bind is this combination:

  • [*]bind "-" "shopmenu" [*]bind "=" shopmenu2 [*]bind "mouse3" "ultimate" [*]bind "alt" "ability"

You can put it in the file config.cfg  :).

You can then use the - and = keys to show the 2 different shopmenus, you can use the 3rd mouse button (on the clickwheel) to use your ultimate and you can press the alt key to trigger your ability.

Other Commands
There are also a multitude of commands you can type into chat: (slash is not required)

  • [*]/ability - Will use your ability (currently only serpent wards) [*]/changerace - Allows you to change your race [*]/itemsinfo - Shows you a list of items and what they do [*]/itemsinfo2 - Shows you a list of items in the second shopmenu [*]/level - Shows you what race, level and skills you have [*]/levitation - Enable or disables the low gravity ability (version 3.x only) [*]/ms or /movespeed - Shows your current movespeed (version 3.x only) [*]/playerskills - Shows you what skills other players have chosen [*]/selectskill - Allows you to select skills for your race [*]/shopmenu - Displays shopmenu 1 [*]/shopmenu2 - Displays shopmenu 2 [*]/skillsinfo - Shows you what each skill does for the race you have selected [*]/war3help - Displays the help menu [*]/war3menu - Show the war3ft menu, in which you can chose all this and more

Race/Skill Information

Undead Scourge

  • [*]Vampiric Aura: Gives you a percentage of the damage you do in attack back as health [*]Unholy Aura: Gives you a speed boost, also all weapons make you go at the same speed [*]Levitation: Allows you to jump higher by reducing your gravity [*]Ultimate, Suicide Bomber: When you die you will explode killing nearby enemies and regenerate

Human Alliance

  • [*]Invisibility: Makes you partially invisible, you will be harder to see, holding knife will make them more invisible [*]Devotion Aura: Gives you additional health at the start of the round. [*]Bash: When you shoot someone you have a chance of rendering them immobile for 1 second [*]Ultimate, Teleport: Allows you to teleport to where you aim

Orcish Horde

  • [*]Critical Strike: Gives you a chance of doing more damage [*]Critical Grenade: Grenades will ALWAYS do a much greater amount of damage [*]Reincarnation (Day of Defeat): Gives you a chance of spawning where you died [*]Equipment Reincarnation (Counter-Strike/Condition Zero): Gives you a chance of regaining your equipment on death [*]Ultimate, Chain Lightning: Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps to all nearby enemies

Night Elf of Kalimdore

  • [*]Evasion: Gives you a chance of evading each shot [*]Thorns Aura: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you [*]Trueshot Aura: Does extra damage to the enemy [*]Ultimate, Entangle Roots: Allows you to prevent an enemy player from moving for 10 seconds

Blood Mage

  • [*]Pheonix (Day of Defeat): You will gain a bonus ($300, $600, $900) with each kill, half of this is also awarded to nearby teammates [*]Pheonix (Counter-Strike/Condition Zero): You have a chance of reviving the fist teammate who dies [*]Banish: You have a chance of banishing your enemy into another plane of existance (they get teleported away for 1 second) [*]Siphon Mana: Steal money from enemy [*]Ultimate, Flame Strike: Burn an enemy player over time

Shadow Hunter

  • [*]Healing Wave: Heals yourself and your nearby teammates [*]Hex: You have a chance of slowing your enemy and disabling all skills for a short period of time [*]Serpent Ward: You receive serpent wards each round that damage nearby enemy units, bind a key to ability (or say ability) to plant one [*]Ultimate, Bid Bad Voodoo: Invincibility for 3 seconds


  • [*]Fan of Knives: You have a chance of becoming a mole [*]Blink: Disables enemy ultimates (all at level 3) [*]Shadow Strike: You have a chance of hurling a poisoned dagger at the enemy [*]Ultimate, Vengeance: Respawn once with 50 health

Crypt Lord

  • [*]Impale: Distorts the enemy (a chance to shake your enemy's screen for a bit) [*]Spiked Carapace: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you, you also gain armor [*]Carrion Beetles: You have a chance of beetles attacking the enemy [*]Ultimate, Locust Swarm: A Swarm of Locusts attacks the enemy

This race is configurable by the server administrator. Either it will have random skills on each round, or it will have set skills every round.

Item Information
Note: some things are configurable by server

Shopmenu 1

  • [*]  [*]Ankh of Reincarnation: If you die you will retrieve your equipment the following round [*]Boots of Speed: Allows you to run faster [*]Claws of Attack +6: An additional 6 hp will be removed from the enemy on every hit [*]Cloak of Shadows: Makes you partially invisible, invisibility is increased when holding the knife [*]Mask of Death: You will receive health for every hit on the enemy [*]Necklace of Immunity: You will be immune enemy ultimates [*]Orb of Frost: Slows your enemy down when you hit him [*]Periapt of Health: Receive extra health [*]Tome of Experience: Automatically gain experience, the item is used on purchase

Shopmenu 2

  • [*]  [*]Scroll of Respawning: You will respawn after death [*]Mole Protectant: You will be immune to attacks done by a mole [*]Amulet of the Cat: You cannot be heard when running/going up ladders [*]Sock of the Feather: You will be given low gravity [*]Helm of Excellence: Immune to headshots [*]Flaming Gloves of Warmth: Given a nade every 10 seconds [*]Ring of Regeneration: Gives 1 health every 2 seconds, you can have a maximum of 5 (type rings to receive 5) [*]Chameleon: Your skin will change so you look like the enemy [*]Mole: Teleported to enemy spawn at the start of the next round and your skin is changed to look like the enemy

Your ultimate is the 4th skill that you can choose once you reach level 6. It is activatable by the ultimate command. Also, the ability command is currently only used to play serpent wards. For change language of war3ft type in the console, amx_langmenu et choose your language

What's New in Version Version 3.0 RC14


  • V3.0 RC14
  • - Bug Fix: MYSQLX Error in querying database, location: 1
  • v3.0 RC13
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#83] Changed on_ResetHud to Ham_Spawn
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#132] Chameleon deletes skill selections
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#136] bots fix for cz
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#133] show player item fix
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#134] Cheating on item prices
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#92] solution against detecting moles (angle of view)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#131] shadow hunter coconut fix
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#123] No serpent wards after respawning.
  • - Change: Remade ADMIN_Log format to more AMXX like
  • - Addition: ScreenFade for both attacker and victim of Serpand Wards
  • v3.0 RC12
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#121] Humans can teleport while planting
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#81-6] Wrong ultimate charge was being removed (it attempted to remove it from the caster vs. the nearby player with immunity)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#83] Changed respawn method to use Ham
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#105] Serpent Ward removal on incorrect event call
  • v3.0 RC11b
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#109] DoD crash on shopmenu
  • v3.0 RC11
  • - Addition: [FS#92] solution against detecting moles (angle of view)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#97] Removing Human's devotion aura
  • - Bug Fix: MySQLX error logging incorrect in some places (reporting wrong query)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#83] Respawn within a player. Respawn dead
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#85] Add alive check before kill by SH (patch FS#76)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#88] Always allow chameleon to buy ankh
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#95] ITEM_MOLE should disappear when used
  • - Bug Fix: Fixed Admin Commands reporting back incorrectly in wc3_admin.log
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#96] CT Chameleons with backpack
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#90] Locust Swarm didn't attack after finding new target
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#89] allow pov-targeting ultimate to work quickly
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#102] Chain Lightning actually hits only one enemy
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#79] fix invalid player in client_damage()
  • v3.0 RC10
  • - Addition: [FS#68] Playerskills will now print to console if called from console
  • - Bug Fix: MYSQLX error function was being called from within SQLITE
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#72] Run time error in items.inl
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#62] Level 10 sprite wasn't being precached
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#60][DOD] Server crash when buying flaming gloves of warmth
  • - Bug Fix: Bots casting their ultimate is actually random now, not everytime they attack
  • - Bug Fix: If chain lightning was blocked, the wrong person would be notified
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#17] Big Bad Voodoo never working
  • - Bug Fix: Mole protectant not working
  • - Bug Fix: Database spamming problem when a user's ID couldn't be retreived
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#76] Hex wasn't disabling all skills
  • - Bug Fix: When checking a user's skills the level and skill id were not being matched correctly (in XP_Check)
  • v3.0 RC9
  • - Addition: [FS#29] Client console commands for all items
  • - Addition: [FS#59][WEB] Rank based on TOTAL XP - "total" option added to config file
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#46] Immolate not doing the proper amount of damage
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#47] Warden's Hardened skin was not working correctly
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#48] Fixed undead's ultimate going off when hexed
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#66] Server crash when using wc3_giveitem with item_id over 17
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#63] Server crash on given maps b/c of sprite count
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#57] cl_minmodels check failure
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#70] g_iSpawnReserved index out of bounds
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#67] Mole is shown to spectators when mole is in slot2
  • - Bug Fix: Respawn failing with AMXX 1.80
  • - Bug Fix: Menus not working with AMXX 1.80
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#65] Stuck protection triggered after new round started
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#55] Command /levitation now available for any race with skill levitation
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#54] Sock item always set gravity to 0.5 (wc3_sock value ignored)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#53] Deselected skills are no longer saved to database (will be saved as skill level as 0)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#35] Player couldn't respawn after WC3_Kill (generally after warden ultimate)
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#26] If warden is killed last and immunity check should not occur (i.e. killer shouldn't lose a necklace charge)
  • - Bug Fix: [WEB] Searching based on steam id or player name wasn't working
  • v3.0 RC8
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#25] Warden's Shadow Strike had wrong percentage at level 1
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#31] Reset item charges when a player joins the server
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#28] rings console command not going through proper checks
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#32] Giving XP to terrorists in admin menu would not work
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#21] Friendly fire no longer affects charges for helm of excellence
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#37] Undead ultimate run time error
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#38] Grenade trail created on orc's death when grenade drops
  • - Bug Fix: [FS#40] Assist XP awarded twice if a user would respawn
  • v3.0 RC7
  • - Addition: wc3_ignore_bots CVAR which works with wc3_min_players (thanks Krazy)
  • - Addition: It is now possible do deal damage against a SH w/Big Bad Voodoo if you have immunity
  • - Addition: Log file for war3ft exclusive use
  • - Addition: (B2) [FS#7] When you respawn with weapons your silence/burst mode will be remembered and set
  • - Addition: (B2) wc3_start_level CVAR - You can now start a player's race off at a certain level when they join the server
  • - Bug Fix: Gloves not always working correctly
  • - Bug Fix: XP Loss at map change
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) cl_minmodels check failing at certain times (thanks DesasterUK)
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Conversion issue when war3users table didn't exist (thanks Coksnuss)
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Getting stuck in a wall from Banish or failed Teleport - you should now be teleported back to your spawn (if possible) instead of left stuck
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Big Bad Voodoo works now - opps
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Ankh/Mole will no longer work if you replace the item
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Saving by IP will not strip the port from the address
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) [FS#14] Locust swarm icon continuously blink in a certain situation
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Admin logging wasn't logging the actual command
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Passive skills were being saved to the database
  • - Bug Fix: (B2) Was incorrectly calculating the player's ID in _SH_ResetBigBadAttacker (thanks [DumB]SGR)
  • Note: Please delete your wc3_web_skill table if you had a previous version of 3.0 running and are using MySQL
  • v3.0 RC6
  • - Addition: levitation console command
  • - Addition: Message now displayed when human's ultimate is blocked
  • - Addition: Check for correct race when using /levitation
  • - Addition: Forward - wc3_reportkill
  • - Addition: Admin logging added (/configs/war3ft/wc3_admin.log)
  • - Addition: Boot cvar
  • - Bug Fix: Possible for ultimate icon to stay after a searching ultimate was used (if on last second of search)
  • - Bug Fix: Message to warden regarding Blink could be repeated
  • - Bug Fix: Ultimate icons not always showing
  • - Bug Fix: Reset skills message appearing on EVERY changerace
  • - Bug Fix: Ultimate cooldown timer set wrong at round start
  • - Bug Fix: Ultimate icon not shown when you first select your race
  • - Bug Fix: Human's ultimate was blocked WAY more than it should have been (would always be blocked if anyone had immunity)
  • - Bug Fix: Possible to remove multiple Necklace charges from Orc's ultimate
  • - Bug Fix: Bots not always given a race/XP right away
  • - Bug Fix: Human health set to 190 w/listen servers (thanks DesasterUK)
  • - Bug Fix: Invisibility disappearing after use of Big Bad Voodoo (thanks mattypee)
  • - Bug Fix: Changerace menu not appearing when joining server on listen server (thanks DesasterUK)
  • - Bug Fix: Assist XP giving too much
  • - Bug Fix: Pending changerace never reset when a player disconnected (thanks kevlartester)
  • - Bug Fix: When giving Xp through admin command it wasn't always set correctly (thanks EchoSide)
  • - Bug Fix: Changing wc3_save_xp or wc3_xp_multiplier in game will no longer require a map restart to take affect
  • - Bug Fix: (B6) Loss of XP when changerace menu wouldn't appear
  • - Bug Fix: (B6) cs_deagle5 issue with weapon reincarnation
  • - Bug Fix: (B6) Being able to get XP after the round has ended (thanks Krazy)
  • - Change: (B6) Changerace screen will now load instantly (not using threaded query)
  • - Change: Respawn time from 1.5 seconds to 0.2 (by ability or item)
  • - Change: Bots skin will change now if they mole or buy chameleon
  • - Change: (B5) No longer set maximum money to 16000 when setting money
  • - Removed: NVault support - default is now SQLite
  • - Removed: Purchasing items when moling (was removing buyzones for others)
  • - Re-write: How ultimate icons are handled
  • v3.0 RC5
  • - Bug Fix: Getting more health than you should with Devotion Aura
  • - Bug Fix: Run-time errors from RC4 which made it unplayable
  • v3.0 RC4
  • - Addition: Changerace will now work with CSDM
  • - Addition: resetskills will now work with CSDM
  • - Addition: Appropriate messages for resetskills/changerace (instead of next round now says when respawn)
  • - Addition: /levitation command to enable/disable levitation
  • - Addition: Changerace menu will appear after other menus are done (i.e. so you can choose CSDM then war3ft)
  • - Bug Fix: Using wc3_bot_buy_item didn't actually work - bots could never buy items
  • - Bug Fix: Setting wc3_bot_buy_item to 0 should disable the feature but it wasn't (thanks mexykanu + YamiKaitou)
  • - Bug Fix: Bug with warden and planting the bomb (thanks damian086pl)
  • - Bug Fix: (DOD) Buyzone was attempted to be created when a player would mole
  • - Bug Fix: (DOD) Runtime error in WC3_Death
  • - Bug Fix: Runtime error - http://wc3mods.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2281
  • - Bug Fix: Possible for new player to gain xp assist while spectating (thanks kp_downarrow)
  • - Bug Fix: Possible to use shopmenu2 with <= 4 races (thanks strawbewwy)
  • - Bug Fix: Armor was not given back when respawning
  • - Bug Fix: Kills not saved when you kill someone by an ability
  • - Bug Fix: Selecting ultimate w/selectskills before the ultimatedelay is up will display the icon but you can't use ult
  • - Bug Fix: Was possible to have ult when < level 6 if your xp dropped below level 6 after having the ult
  • - Bug Fix: runtime error - invalid player - with SHARED_SetUserMoney
  • - Bug Fix: Chameleon random skills not working...
  • - Bug Fix: (DOD) Stamina bar going crazy w/unholy aura
  • - Bug Fix: Mole given every round if the user didn't die (thanks DesasterUK for testing this)
  • - Bug Fix: Possible to remain a Phoenix (to respawn a teammate) after you lost the ability
  • - Bug Fix: Orc's reincarnation would break w/CSDM
  • - Bug Fix: Possibility of respawning abilities conflicting w/CSDM
  • - Bug Fix: Shadow Hunter's healing ward was healing too often (function was running twice)
  • - Change: Boots now stack with unholy aura
  • - Change: XP given by kill assist is now lowered
  • - Change: Additional $$ is given per kill if csdm is active
  • - Change: Shadow Strike is no longer limited to 3 per round (but the % chance of it occuring is less)
  • - Change: Carrion Beetles are no longer limited to 3 per round (but the % chance of it occuring is less)
  • - Change: Number of necklace charges given increased to 4
  • To-dos/Bug Fixes:
  • - to do - show detailed skill information in /skillsinfo
  • - to do - write WC3_InitPlayerItems
  • - to do - chameleon randomize per player basis
  • - bug - if u lose levitation it won't actually go down ( - do i really care?)
  • - bugs: /level shown in ShowMsg or whatev for dod
  • - to do - DOD - if user just joined - they shouldn't be able to buy ankh
  • - test: dod's reincarnation changes... - give item back if fails?
  • - to do - in SM_SetSkill we need to call WC3_InitPlayerSkills
  • - serpent wards display thing overlaps (when you place one)
  • v3.0 RC3
  • - Addition: Sock of the feather stacks with Undead's Levitation (suggestion by YamiKaitou)
  • - Addition: Costs of items now depends on the player's level
  • - Bug Fix: After choosing an option on a menu, a radio command is executed or an item is bought (thanks p3tsin/VEN)
  • - Bug Fix: Mask of death not doing anything (thanks zverj)
  • - Bug Fix: Wasn't possible to buy a tomb of experience if you had 2 items (thanks snapdoodle)
  • - Bug Fix: Tomb would display that you gained XP even if you didn't (i.e. no other players in server)
  • - Bug Fix: Runtime error - [0] shared.inl::_SHARED_SpawnRemoveGod (line 336) (thanks Striker)
  • - Bug Fix: Sock of the feather would over-rule undead's levitation even if it was worse (thanks YamiKaitou)
  • - Bug Fix: Undead's levitation would not work after being respawned after death (thanks Saint K)
  • - Bug Fix: If multiple offensive items were purchased - only one would work (thanks snapdoodle)
  • - Bug Fix: MySQL connections never closed on map change (thanks Saint K)
  • - Bug Fix: Can now purchase tome when dead (thanks Saint K)
  • v3.0 RC2
  • - Addition: Help file explaining how to configure chameleon (file is: /configs/war3ft/_chameleon.txt)
  • - Addition: Added check for wc3.css on server start (plugin will not load without it)
  • - Addition: Players will now gain XP for kill assists!
  • - Bug Fix: Players running at same speed with all weapons
  • - Bug Fix: Boots of speed was same speed for all weapons, changed to bonus 10% increase per weapon
  • - Bug Fix: Fixed configuration issues with setting chameleon's races, also added a file explaining how to use it
  • - Bug Fix: Nearby player's weren't given XP for a nearby teammate killing someone
  • - Bug Fix: Rings not giving health
  • - Bug Fix: Periapt wasn't giving health at round start
  • - Bug Fix: Ankh would stay in items if purchased when dead (but it wouldn't work)
  • - Bug Fix: Flash grenades will reincarnate now
  • - Bug Fix: Weapons will now reincarnate if you are killed by the bomb
  • - Bug Fix: Undead's levitation busted when pcvar wasn't found
  • - Change: Bot XP will now save if saving is done by name
  • - Change: Item handling
  • - Removed: Nearby XP bonus when a nearby player kills someone
  • v3.0 RC1
  • - Addition: Start/Stop command: amx_wc3 <on|off>
  • - Addition: If a needed module isn't loaded, the plugin will modify the modules.ini + reload the map
  • - Addition: NVault now used instead of vault (will improve lag when there are NUMEROUS users and saving XP is on)
  • - Addition: Check for serpent wards to prevent them from being planted on the bomb or on hostages
  • - Addition: amx_setlevel has been added
  • - Addition: /level10 command - gives level 10 when you type it (if sv_cheats is on, don't worry, this XP doesn't save into the database...)
  • - Addition: (DOD) Chameleon now works!
  • - Addition: (DOD) Mole's will change their model
  • - Addition: Users will be given god mode for 1 second after they respawn
  • - Addition: Plugin will now auto-load even if modules aren't enabled, thanks BAIL!
  • - Addition: Plugin will no longer load if any required sound files or sprites are missing
  • - Addition: /icons now saves on the client (using setinfo) so (in theory) joining any war3ft 3.0 server will know if you want /icons on or off
  • - Addition: When typing /level when dead, the user's XP will be shown
  • - Bug Fix: cl_minmodels task was not repeating
  • - Bug Fix: Spawning with a shield and primary weapon
  • - Bug Fix: User's speed not changed until switching weapons when unholy aura was selected
  • - Change: Entire re-write of how skills function (can anyone say uwc3 extension?)
  • - Change: Spectating info now changes when you switch people (sometimes it wouldn't always switch over)
  • - Change: Spectating info will no longer carry over when the next round starts
  • - Change: With mole protectant you can now view players names during freezetime by looking at them
  • - Change: You now gain XP when nearby teammates kill an enemy!
  • - Change: Mole's can now buy items when they have moled!!
  • - Change: Helm of Excellence price increase to 3000
  • - Change: Chameleon race can now have ANY skills (not just a subset of that skill number like before)
  • - Change: User cannot be given money to have more than $16000
  • - Change: Chameleon price dropped to 4500
  • - Change: Tome gives more XP when saving XP is on
  • - Change: Impale now hits the user up from the ground
  • - Change: Banish will now move an attacker into an atral prison
  • - Change: Scroll of Respawning cost lowered
  • - Change: You can now hold 2 items from either shopmenu!!!
  • - Change: Unstable Concoction now originates from the attacker and damages nearby teammates
  • - Change: Using Vengeance will ALWAYS set your health to 50
  • - Change: Cloak stacks with invisibility
  • - Change: Config file location moved
  • - Change: When weapon reincarnation's weapons are saved - fixed weapons not reincarnating when you're killed by the bomb
  • - Change: When a user spawns their money is not longer set to mp_startmoney (for CS/CZ)
  • - Change: All DB functions re-written (Now uses MySQL X, NVault, SQLite)
  • - Change: Blood Mage has a new ultimate! - thanks Avanderik
  • - Change: Avanderik added to developer check
  • - Change: Traceline is used when searching for a target for certain ultimates (instead of get_user_aiming every .1 seconds)
  • - Change: Bash chance has been reduced to 10%/20%/30%
  • - Change: Evasion and Helm will now flash your screen blue instead of previous colors
  • - Change: Orc critical nades will now have a max damage of the user's maximum possible health - 1
  • - Change: You will no longer lose your ankh/scroll of respawning if someone respawns you by Phoenix or warden's ultimate
  • - Change: Bash now holds for 0.7 seconds instead of 1.0
  • - Change: Humans can no longer teleport into the VIP Escape zone
  • - Change: A recompile is no longer required for a DOD/CS/CZ plugin
  • - Change: Necklace now has charges (3)
  • - Change: When an ultimate is blocked b/c of immunity, the user has to wait for the length of the cooldown to re-use
  • - Removed: FT_impale_intensity cvar (edit this constant at the top of skills.inl)
  • - Removed: FT_blink_radius cvar (replaced with NECKLACE_RADIUS define)
  • - Removed: FT_healing_range cvar (defined at top of skills.inl)
  • - Removed: FT_no_orcnades cvar
  • - Removed: Human's teleport (Blink is the ultimate)
  • - Removed: Cheating Death check
  • - Removed: FT_spec_info (default is on, compile time option at top of warcraft3ft.sma)
  • - Removed: FT_items_in_hud (option no longer available)
  • - Removed: FT_show_icons (always on)
  • - Removed: FT_centerhud (this actually hasn't done anything for quite a few versions)
  • - Removed: DOD_bootspeed (you can change it at the top of items.inl)
  • - Removed: sv_warcraft3 (added a start/stop option)
  • - Removed: PRECACHE_WAR3FTSOUNDS define, precached sounds are required
  • //update saving system to allow for uwc3?
  • //clear items on death - the hud message
  • //use CSX for custom weapons?
  • //test: spec info disappearing and re-appearing after 10.0 seconds
  • //re-write menus
  • //during banish switch to knife?
  • //clean up items
  • //verify all skills given with selectskill
  • //allow user to changerace when in spec?
  • //Fix bug with doing autoselect w/FT_Races 8 then changerace and CENTER_CHANGED_NEXT displaying
  • //remove all task_exists
  • //fix hex playing after ur dead...
  • //bug: phoenix will try to respawn users when changing team
  • //block knife = http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=29836
  • //skill manager re-write needed
  • //shopmenu 3 ideas:
  • // immune to some magic
  • // immune to physical damage
  • // show invis peeps...
  • // lower ultimate cooldown

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