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Vasto Lorde

Configuratia Mea

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Hand Position: LEFT.
Chat Color: White
Radar Type: SOLID.
Windows Sensitivity: 5
ex_interp: 0.01.
Launch Options: -nofbo -nomsaa -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd +ex_interp 0.01 -32bpp
Monitor Refresh Rate: 120
Vertical Sync: OFF.
Mouse DPI: 1600
Bits: 32bits.
Mousefix: Yes

// Aiming Settings
â•šâ–º  Resolution: 640x680.
â•šâ–º  Crosshair color: Ltblue
â•šâ–º  Crosshair size: small
â•šâ–º  Sensitivity: 2.5
â•šâ–º  Dynamic crosshair: ON
â•šâ–º  Crosshair Translucent: ON
â•šâ–º  Zoom Sensitivity: 1.2

- Headset : a4tech HS280
- Mouse : Microsoft Intelli 1.1
- Keyboard : A4tech
- Mouse Pad : 5L SteelSeries

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